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Black Line

by Respire

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Darknight thumbnail
Darknight I've finally got Black Line on physical copy and this record actually blew my mind. There's so much beauty to this album but also its so crushingly heavy and extreme in an audio sense, Respire don't hold back they just let everything go and beyond, amazing!! Favorite track: Embers to End.
MZTN thumbnail
MZTN 文脈的にはScreamoなんだけど、そのサウンドはEmo/Screamoだけでなくポストブラックメタル、シューゲイズ要素もでかくて、エクストリームミュージックをオーケストラとして再定義しようとしているようにも見える。これまでの音源でもブラスセクションやチェロ、アコーディオン等も加えて演奏してきたが、envyトリビュートにも収録されていて、その文脈を踏まえると現在のenvyとは違うかもしれないけれど、かつてのenvyにあった「ハードコアとクラシックの融合」という試みを、よりオーケストラにフォーカスした形で表現しているバンドと言えるかもしれない。で、その解釈をこのクオリティでやっているバンドは今いない。
Jaberwakky thumbnail
Jaberwakky This album speaks to every part of ny brain. I think it is quite possibly one of the most beautiful, terrifying, sad fucking things I have ever heard. It hurts to listen to and I can't stop. I love it.........
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Blight 01:42
Tempest 04:41 video
dripping wet I awake to face this hell lash for lash, we beg forgiveness in a shallow grave filling in with all that we let die bloodstained hands in blind contempt as we watch the world go up in flames an uncaring race (let it crash) to the edge of bliss (let it die) off the precipice - over and over till there’s no longer when did we ever care (write your status, fall in) what’s my recovery in a world that’s past recovering? we suffer all (let it crash) to reach some end (let it die) like sisyphus - over and over till there’s no longer life (serenity dawns) life (as the fires grow) life (as the clouds bellow) life (as a heart still pines) (I can’t breathe with the weight of the end bearing down) all things must come to pass the birds, these waves, our plans and mistakes all things must come to pass these roots, old scars, light up like your eyes all things must come to pass your touch, this dream, lights up with the skies life as ephemera stars don’t shine they flicker in the night, merely a specter of what once was, what could have been even dead and gone, there’s beauty in the absence there’s beauty in the silence there’s beauty in you there’s beauty in me
abscession - this flesh rots hollow the earth spoils it sickly black transference and waiting rooms and all that still grows, a wallow the branch yearns for something else transcendence and exit wounds fed to the fates, the collow we live on (to suicide) just to bleed (the earth’s disease) we fight on (millions perish) we die this life drains fast like sandfall between our hands we touch in vain, our hearts won’t beat in time this dream dies fast like cancer between our bones we try in vain, our hearts won’t beat in time this will rots last the old roots which gave first life we kiss in vain, our hearts won’t beat this time torrid throttle, cast thy breath on plumes of ash borne of our indolence heedless cretin, sweat thy death in the ruins of our ancestral insolence we’re all disease destroy, destroyer curse against the tides writhe against the call inhume the final act, bring down the guillotines, let it turn to dust I turn over to rapture, I leave myself to rust, dissolve, abandon cicatrice by cicatrix, it goes on. (blight, a light) (the earth in life through death) (reborn! rejoice!)
Lost Virtue 06:33
crown of ash, smoke, greed shine like sarcoma dominion of rust and ruin rotting still, rotten still dorsal vestige rise, resist catch them proudly all laugh into the flames you can feel it in the air you can hear it in the static a lineage of slaughter use and consume you can hear it in the air you can feel it in the static our lineage of laughing into the flames how fitting it will be to be absolved of this archaic tragedy of desire and death all might must fall as night turns dawn eclipsed by time shed these bounds (if it’s all wrong) air your light (let it all burn) when we’re gone (it goes on) as nothing, totality.
Kindling 02:14
(twentytwenty, was it all worth it? bodies line the years, doomed kin festers) survive. survive this by screaming into yourself things can’t get worse, every year only seems to feel worse (when they come for you) are we all safe now? are we all fitting in? assimilate to forget we never belonged dissociate to beset the nature of fleetingness the fear (will it comfort you?) the home we dreamt up, carried away the home we dreamt up, carried away the life we could have had, a promise never meant I thought I knew where I came from, where I fit in, where I relate the tides will change the ground will shift nothing stays true (meant nothing) you strive all your life to feel welcome in their world, paying dues - used, consumed when their walls come tumbling down, who’d you think will be the first blamed for the fall fire feeds panic swells (false sense security) desperate, take the bait chaos feeds hatred sells (false flag civility) desolate, take the fall (oh god) you don’t know what you have till it’s gone stars won’t smile on you (stars won’t smile) there’s no end in sight where you don’t lose it all no matter when, no matter how so fester, wound death kneels hardly still time ends on all fester, wound we lost our home and so will you time ends on all still saving nothing, flailing down (coward) we’ll always get the last word (choke) only time till we’re all displaced (another war) who will get the last laugh? (one last laugh) frail obedient wretch swallow grievance from a millionaire’s scorn you’re nothing more than an ember to the flame the fires rage to your neighborhoods still coward, you’re nothing more than an ember to the flame.
do you think the universe will blink when we’re gone? do you think the universe will care what we’ve done? do you think the universe will blink when we’re gone? did you think we’re more than just nothing everything is all we are is all we’ll ever be (all we’ve ever been) live (everyday) feel (everything) just this once rejoice! rejoice! rejoice! suffer (everyday) lose (everything) just this one life resist! resist! resist! life is our own to own, the stars won’t smile no truth to light meaning comes from within, it comes from the fight to hope to feel to grow to heal I want to stop running away from myself I want to feel the weight of it.
if you’re alone and still screaming is it fear that finds you under tranquil tides is it bliss that binds you to watching yourself fall apart cursed to repeat, as the currents drag us lights out, lights out (for all our dreams of painlessness) strung out, strung out (we lose ourselves in our despair) I’m drowning, so lost to the high so lost to the lows I’m not found at all I know we’re trying I know, the ending comes too fast and all at once I know, we lost this fight so many times before alone (they want us) alone (to fall) alone (we climb out into the night) together (they hear us) together (they fall) together (we climb out into the light) to all our dead friends lost to stars you shined so bright they couldn’t see you yet they’re so blinded by the fight the world’s a desperate place we’re not built for all the light you dreamt life could shine softly at night...
one for our fate two for the meaning behind the wait three with the helplessness four more suffering five find your burial six sickly silent still one for disease two for the violence behind the breeze three with the restlessness four more profit there’s five years or so till these six thousand more fade to black I can barely hang on live with voices inside my head screaming no, please don’t go yours was the face I dreamt of all along yours was the face I dreamt of on every cold night if everything must pass, I’ll live for it if nothing remains I won’t regret this when everything was wrong (know you were right) yours was the face I dreamt of all along yours was the face I dreamt of on my way out all the light shines on for you all the light shines on with you all we hold like dust fades fast (but love shines on in us) a voice turns raw all by itself it makes no sound I felt it all with my friends, I found a home tear down these walls frail, still we wail don’t be afraid you’re not alone… (lift this flesh) lift this flesh up to love believe in the light and all that we can shed this weight of self lift this flesh to the fight reject all their hate the thorn in their hearts shed the weight of self lift these wilted wings and learn to fall learn to lose hope, and still move on learn the meaning of I’ll stay with you till the last notes chime till the silence breaks though the street’s lit up though our hearts fail fast last day with you I felt the ground give way to the light of a million stars burning hot all within our hearts I’ll stay with you...


we are not defined by the ugliness of this world, but by the beauty in our hearts, strike your match and set fire to that which rots us all


released December 4, 2020

All songs written and performed by Respire:

Ben Oliver - Bass, Voice
Travis Dupuis - Drums
Darren Scarfo - Guitar, Voice
Egin Kongoli - Guitar, Voice, Vibraphone, Synth, Banjo
Rohan Lilauwala - Guitar, Voice, Vibraphone, Glockenspiel, Synth
Eslin McKay - Violin, Viola, Voice, Piano

Our extended family on Black Line:

Emmett O’Reilly - Trumpet
Thomas Moffett - Trumpet
Andrew Moljgun - Saxophones
A Paradise. - Voice
Jordaan Mason - Voice
Paul Mack - Voice, Programming

Produced and mixed by Paul Mack
Engineered by Vince Soliveri and Nicolas Field
Mastered by Jack Shirley
Lyrics by Egin Kongoli
Art Direction by Egin Kongoli


all rights reserved



Respire Toronto, Ontario

orchestral post-everything collective

BLACK LINE now out

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