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by Respire

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jurneyman Poignant, powerful, punishing, and prescient.
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aliss_blackout_hrt_bandits The mission statement of this absolutely hauntingly beautiful album made me completely breakdown... with only a few tears shed, but a true weeping inside at the fact that someone sees us. Through all the years of my haunted hearts addiction to self destruction, I never saw anyone else seeing me... seeing us. And acknowledging our shared pain. Shed pain. Tears, and rips it out. Hold and Release. Hold... And Release... Thank you. Favorite track: A Heart Still Pines.
Richard Eames
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Richard Eames Phenomenal! This band. This album... is everything. Such a powerful record musically and lyrically. Hands down my AOTY. Nothing else will come close.
Thank you! 🖤 Favorite track: Haunt.
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    "Dénouement is an exquisite, inspiring flood of emotion and mesmerising music, not to be missed" - Jason Royle, Echoes and Dust
    "The combination of homemade orchestral flourishes and the explosive force of post-hardcore makes Dénouement sound like its heart is about to burst right out of its chest" - Ian Cory, Invisible Oranges
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Bound 07:13
Trauma unbinds me Pages spill out Flood, Overtake Everything And anything The ego sheds Detachment now A loss profound A heart that tears will Bleed, endless Breathless, I fall Help me up Help me up. I wish I could undo the Years spent drowning this in dust. I found the deafening silence so Comforting. I lost all I had Back then Back then Back then. Underneath all this, A weak heart beats, still true. Underneath always, A fading light still burns. I tried to believe it all, Tried to keep faith that This would end someday. But still it comes crashing, Still the pain resounds. I’m lost and out of rope. You’re more than this... You’re more than the Things you’ve done This hate turned in The loss profound Detach, Detach. You’re more than this. You’re more than this, I promise.
Haunt 05:17
I’ve grown sick of living in my own skin I’ve tried so long to find a way out Night after night, lost in a bottle Night after night, lost in transit The next station’s still a far way out The line goes nowhere, I’ve bottomed out The grave calls its name, I’ve bottomed out “It’s not enough. It’s never enough.” I know how this all ends It’s been with me every step. I know, it won’t let me go It won’t me live, I know. My hands. My wrists. My hands. My wrists. Too sick to live, too weak to die. Too sick to live, too weak to die. Too sick to live, too weak to die. Too sick to live, too weak to die.
Shiver 04:29
The coldest morning On the wrong side of June Sunset shimmer lost On flowers full bloom Full bloom Full bloom I remember petals, scattered across The roof where we kissed, The wind on my skin, Still burning. Remembering… It got harder this week It’s been harder all year The walls come back They break me down I can’t figure how To stand, To breathe, To love, To leave You broke me The whole way through. The years have passed And you’ve moved on But I’m still here Lost and alone Tattered in shame Unable to sleep What gave you the right? To take my worth? My fucking choice? All I have And all you took Will wilt away. October air. October air.
Bloom 03:08
Catacombs 04:28
Nothing changes if nothing changes.... I wanted more from life Than failed beginnings I wanted you to know I never stopped trying I wanted more from this Than hollow reflections I wanted you to see That things could get better I stumble and fall Afraid of the call I’m on my last straw Afraid to withdraw For all the pain I caused you, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. For all the things that I said, I meant them. I meant them. The addict falls on his own words. The drugs destroy everything he loves. The streets are littered with the dead. These catacombs we call home. It’s time to move out.
Virtue 06:19
The first day the moon rose last I felt regret, I felt a hole The first day I lost it all... The first time we drowned out here The light went out, a blackness creeped The last time I felt like this… I think I’m losing sleep again I think I’m losing I think I’m falling I think I’m falling in love with this I think I’m dying I think I’m trying O’ hallowed be thy name, fault of mine I follow you, I fall behind The heart still pines, the heart still Pines I think I’m losing sleep again I think I’m losing I think I’m falling I think I’m falling in love with this I’m dead on dying I’m dead on trying The virtue of the moon: It turns back, haunting Ashen shores, a will divine This thirst of mine, I wanted more The virtue of the self: It prays for something else Another life, a wave of Bliss. I’m sick of this, I wanted more I’d be better if I could just hold on I’d be better if I could let this go
I want to let go I want to let go / the salty wind I want to let go / the heavy waves I want to let go / a heart still pines I want to let go / there must be more I want to let go / than ashen shores I want to let go / a loss profound I want to let go / this will divine I want to let go / there must be more Than tattered shame / we’re tight on time I take the blame / I felt it all I take a hit / there’s nothing more There must be more / there’s nothing more Than ashen shores / we found the light A loss profound / beneath your veins A loss profound / there’s nothing more A loss profound / there’s nothing more A loss profound / there’s nothing more A loss profound / there’s nothing more A loss profound / there’s something else The salty winds / there must be more There must be more / there’s something else A heart still pines / there must be more There must be more / there’s something else The heavy waves / there must be more A heart still pines. A heart still pines. Your heart still...
Dénouement 02:43


"this record... is an attempt at closure. a reflection on a decade spent gasping underwater. a reflection on trauma, addiction, guilt... yet it is in practice of something else: a wanting to let go. to open up. to find within. to take back agency and reveal this wounded self untethered. to expel this haunting of our hearts... the corrosive rotting of the ego... the pain we lose ourselves in. this presence... these streets... these scars... no longer hold us. this record, this attempt at catharsis... is to let you know that if you’ve ever felt the sentiments expressed here, you’re not alone... we feel the same emptiness. wherever there is hurt, there is a chance for the reverse: connection. whenever you feel alone, remember that in this life, we are only alone when we isolate ourselves. when we let our pain possess us. poison us... to those living with this spectre, we see you... your trauma, your scars... are as valid to us as our own. we hope our effort to lay bare this framework helps to break the cycle of isolation. we will reach the light... together..."


released July 15, 2018 on LP by Zegema Beach Records (CAN), Middle-Man Records (USA), Narshardaa Records (DE), and Dingleberry Records (DE), and on cassette by Belle Époque Publishing (CAN); digital release May 1, 2018


released July 15, 2018

Respire is

Ben Oliver - bass
Travis Dupuis - drums
Darren Scarfo - guitar
Egin Kongoli - guitar, glockenspiel, synth, vocals
Rohan Lilauwala - guitar, glockenspiel, vocals
Eslin McKay - violin, viola

Our extended family is

Emmett O'Reilly - trumpet
Thomas Moffett - trumpet, trombone
Andrew Moljgun - saxophone
Tokyo Speirs - synth, piano, cello
Jordaan Mason - accordion, singing saw, voice
Nicolas Field - voice
Vanessa Gloux - voice
Mark Wilson - voice

Produced and mixed by Paul Mack
Engineered by Vince Soliveri and Nicolas Field in January and February 2018
Mastered by Jack Shirley
Lyrics and art direction by Egin Kongoli


all rights reserved



Respire Toronto, Ontario

orchestral post-everything collective

BLACK LINE now out

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